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PMD: Dissolution Title Card by FalloftheKnights PMD: Dissolution Title Card :iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 12 4
PMD: Dissolution Chapter One [Part 2]
[Part 2]
His exclamation was cut short by an almighty groan of rusted steel before the segment beneath his feet gave out. It was a strange sensation, to float on air for the split-second before the Charmeleon plummeted after the fallen grate. The dark jaws of the abyss rushed from below to snap him up as the dim light vanished entirely. Cold air billowed around his screaming, free-falling form, making his tail sputter angrily and adding to Leo’s overwhelming distress. Spinning about erratically, he squirmed and flailed his limbs in all directions, desperately trying to latch onto anything.
His terror-fueled scream held out until his twisting body made hard contact with the rough walls of the chasm, which knocked the wind from his lungs like a well-aimed punch that sent him tumbling again into the void. Unable to tell which way was up, the bruised Charmeleon tucked his arms close to his body and curls his head into his chest, bracing for whatever came next in his descent towards t
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 3 18
PMD: Dissolution Chapter One [Part 1]
Chapter One: Protocol
Sing to the exalted ruins!
We, the ungrateful, live under their shield.
Angelic light against the godless fray.
Bastion against the disorder, the dissolution, the decay!
Desperately fighting to defend what remains!
Ancient hands clasped against stagnation.

—Scribe Martor Serperior,
Ode to the Sacred Land from The Rains of Erebus
Consciousness unwelcomely returned with a dull headache, exacerbated only by the profound ringing in his ears. The first sensation he felt after what had been an eternity without was the intense, icy tendrils of cold that dug into his sore back. Eyes flicking open to near-darkness, he let out a weak groan, voice hoarse from apparent disuse. He sucked in a deep gasp through a half-closed mouth, filling his lungs with stale, stagnant air as he laid sprawled on the floor.
Where...? his thoughts probed, mind pulling itself together from a long, dreamless slumber. There wa
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 5 5
Operation: Saltus Valley Chapter Four

Chapter Four: Enter the Fray

“This is the tool to end all wars, Darnéy. Give the order. The world is ready. It is time to awaken the Marble King.” 
— Administrator [REDACTED] to Chancellor Darnéy Scyther of the Kingdom Senate.
Wind whipped by Kida’s face as the world shook. Snow and ice bit into her fur after being kicked up by the Aggron’s heavy steps. Down and down Calur carried her, barreling forward with gravity through anything that stood in between them and the bottom of the mountain. Solid ice and rocks shattered against his worn, steel armor— the Aggron was faster than a Graveler shooting down a mountain slope. He might have rescued her from the avalanche, but no matter how fast he ran, Calur seemed to be losing his ground to the new threat. She squirmed in his embrace, peeking out from his grip, and saw the gates of hell open up on the slopes above.
She heard the howls: te
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 7 16
PMD: Overthrown Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Eighteen: Resonance
“Never stop pursuing your goals. Even if it takes a thousand years or more, never cease. Persistence overcomes all odds; this is good advice to live by.”
— Constantine Sceptile of Trinity Isle Research and Archives, speaking during the graduation ceremony of the Silver City Rescuer’s Guild.
The Lucario pressed his paw against the window. Just beyond its shelter, a storm pounded the palace with a deluge of rain. Nickolas sighed, his breath misting-up the window for an instance. The interior of the palace was warm and dry, yet the royal Pokémon shivered under his attire. He rubbed his paws over his arms, but to no avail. His impressive cloak did little to shield his soul from the coldness of his citizens’ hearts. Their hatred clouded his mind. 
His paw slid down, wiping away the mist. From inside his ornate office, he could see through the gloom. The stone courtyard
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 13 22
Operation: Saltus Valley Chapter Three
Chapter Three: Standard of Infamy

“It was said long ago that Pokemon crawled out of the Abyss... Based upon the violence and cruelty I see in this day and age, I wonder if we have ever left it...
We are a species plagued by greed.

—Historian Frederick Floatzel

“Please cooperate... Come on, you can’t stay silent forever...” Hythal asked annoyedly. This prisoner had proved to be the most stubborn Pokémon he had ever met. Since earlier this month when the officers had dragged her in, she had made it her personal goal to make his job as hard as possible.
A thin air of desperation hung around the floating Reuniclus. His mind began to grow fearful at the prisoner’s steadfast silence. It was his du
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 5 39
Operation: Saltus Valley Chapter Two

Chapter Two: The Personification of Glaciers

“Celebi ... Celebi, please forgive me. I have killed the world. I have become the reaper, and the souls of nations are under my scythe. My gods, my gods... What have I done?”
— Administrator Martor Serperior on the first tests of Project: Marble King
Light flickered on the aged stone walls. The Luminous Orb overhead was finally beginning to dim. While it slowly faded, the Golduck reclined in his metal chair as far as his chains would let him. Jack looked up at the floating Reuniclus officer with a emotionless stare.
“So? Good enough for your bosses back in Silver City to execute me?” Jack asked with a sneer. Telling his story to the disgruntled officer had unbolded the former soldier. He felt a strength within him that had been absent for too long, and with that strength came defiance. The Loyalty Square officer merely grunted in reply and ignored the Golduck. His gelatinous
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 4 15
Twitch Plays Pokemon: Bloody Sunday, February 23 by FalloftheKnights Twitch Plays Pokemon: Bloody Sunday, February 23 :iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 8 6
Mature content
PMD: Overthrown Chapter Seventeen [Part 2] :iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 7 24
Mature content
PMD: Overthrown Chapter Seventeen [Part 1] :iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 6 5
PMD-Unity Team Seventeen Mission 1 [Collab]
                                                            An Error in the System
Mission Objective: Supply Flint with the parts he needs and then help him construct a signal jamming device near the city outskirts. Parts will need to be carried across the field that separates the Andalusst Researcher HQ and the Western Branch’s Supply Depot in a timely manner, so Pokemon with strength and intelligence are valued for this task.
Pokemon with a STRENGTH stat of 2+ and an INTELLIGENCE stat of 3+ will be able to handle the workload while also having the know-how to assist with assembling the machine. Finding a way to carry everything on one trip and/or helping to put the machine together will incur an additional reward. Alternatively Pokemon with an INTELLIGENCE stat of 5 may try coming up with a way to improve on Flint
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 4 1
Mature content
Redemption [Collab] Chapter 1 :iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 4 2
Operation: Saltus Valley Chapter One [Part Two]
Continued from Previous Part One
The mountains stretched up into the clouds, their jagged peaks concealed by the thorough covering of coagulated water vapor. Jack took a moment to stop and try to peer beyond the white cloak of the unknown, but failed miserably in doing so. The clouds were thick and unending here. The fact that Jack hadn’t seen the sun once since they exited the city proved this point.
It had been two days since Gold Squad had left the gentle refuge of Post Town for the rocky slopes of the Saltus Ridge Mountains. For two days they had attempted to break through every known and untested pass through to the valley, but so far nothing had worked. From top to bottom, the pass was filled with an impenetrable block of white ice that no one in the squad could even dent. Not even the combined efforts of Calur’s brute strength and Yemda’s fierce fires, the block still stood. Jack had tried using his precious pick until the metal threatened to bend and du
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 3 9
Operation: Saltus Valley Chapter One [Part One]
                                                            [Operation: Saltus Valley]
                                                         [Chapter One: Under the Ice]

"We the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.”
“State your name and species clearl
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 4 8
PMD: Overthrown Chapter Sixteen Part Two
Continued from Part 1
Kelly smiled while carefully placing the last touches to the paper. She lay on the ground in the shade of the gnarled oaks that surrounded Shiloh. A thin stream of electricity from an extended claw burned a period into the final sentence of the letter. She decided to give the piece of paper a final look. Stationery crinkled in her paws as she read over the burned lines. She had spent the last two days perfecting it, painstakingly going over each sentence in her mind before she got the courage to finally put them to paper. It had to be perfect, especially considering its recipients.
As soon as she finished, she grabbed the beige envelope and slid the paper inside. She folded over the top flap. Suddenly, the Jolteon’s expression turned into a scowl. Her fur began to bristle with bolts of electricity. She let out a short scream, twisted the energy, and blasting it away. The letter was instantly burned into ash. Kelly’s breaths came in short, quick
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 7 8
PMD: Overthrown Chapter Sixteen Part One
Chapter Sixteen: Abeyance
“I can already hear their anguished cries, even as I try to shut out the voices while I writhe in my nightmares. I am in paradise, yet my kindred are still trapped in Erebus, my brother is lost. But, I still have to complete my mission. I am condemning them all to a fate far worse than the stockade. Millions will suffer. And for what? The survival of this world permanently stained crimson with its own blood? There is no hope for a brighter future, only one that can raise its head to see the sun and the stars on the fringes of Elysium.”
— Journal of Grovyle, Eastern Forest territory of the Kingdom. Recovered by Kingdom Intelligence Agency during the Time Gear Crisis
“I am one who laid you low. I deserve an answer.” Quiet. The gears spun on, greased by blood and clockwork. “You refuse to speak. All my works, my plans, you do not approve? You must see that I am trying to save the world. I only need to purg
:iconfalloftheknights:FalloftheKnights 7 2


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Known as Knightfall on Serebii. Not much into drawing as I'm into writing, but you never know...

I am writing several projects at the moment, the most well known of these being PMD: Overthrown. I've worked on it for the last two years and I see no reason to stop now.

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." The G-man, Half-Life 2

I'm FalloftheKnights, and we're done here.

Credit for the wonderful drawing of myself as a Charmeleon goes to :icontisserovehicks:

:iconmystic-blat: drew the previous Leo ID I used along with several awesome pictures for me.
Hello! Realized that I haven't really been around too much since I last updated! 

To keep things short and to the point, Dissolution Chapter 2's rough draft is nearing completion, though I have had to pause writing to focus on end of semester projects for my college classes. By the first week of May, I should be past those and able to return to finishing, revising, proofreading, and publishing the next update for you all. I do apologize for the wait. Hopefully, once my academic obligations are done, I can come back strong with Chapter 2 and maybe some other projects. 

Hope you all are well. 

FalloftheKnights signing off. 



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