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How do you feel about the wait times in between my chapters? (Roughly two and a half months currently) 

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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Known as Knightfall on Serebii. Not much into drawing as I'm into writing, but you never know...

I am writing several projects at the moment, the most well known of these being PMD: Overthrown. I've worked on it for the last two years and I see no reason to stop now.

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." The G-man, Half-Life 2

I'm FalloftheKnights, and we're done here.

Credit for the wonderful drawing of myself as a Charmeleon goes to :icontisserovehicks:

:iconmystic-blat: drew the previous Leo ID I used along with several awesome pictures for me.
If you are not aware by now, Transcending the Abyss (TtA), is a collaborative effort by myself and :icontompokenutter: going on for a little over a year now. On dA, he posts the chapters under his account (except in emergencies when I post them). However, it occurred to me that not all of my [currently 79] watchers may watch Tom or be aware of the story. So, I decided that to compile a directory of sorts so that my watchers can have easy access to them! :D  (Below the excellent picture by RikuAoshi:!)

[Commission] - Stay close to me by RikuAoshi

Chapter One: A Sealed World

Transcending the Abyss Chapter 1Hello, all. This story is a collaboration project written by my friend FalloftheKnights and myself, Pokenutter.
This is loosely inspired by the Incarceron book series by Catherine Fisher, and as always, we own nothing from that universe or Pokemon. All characters and plot within this story, however, are owned jointly by FalloftheKnights and myself.
So, without further ado, FalloftheKnights and I proudly present:  
Transcending the Abyss
Chapter One: The Sealed World
World Abyss was a cruel paradise.
A world where every care was met and every case of struggle was resolved with compassion.
A world that could change and shift to conform to its denizen’s needs at their will.
A world that provided shelter and warmth to those who required it, treatment to those unfortunate enough to need it.
A world that sealed itself off from the surface.
A world that denied its inmates a view of the true sun.
A worl

Chapter Two: Erebus Station (Parts 1 & 2)
Transcending the Abyss Chapter 2 Part 1 Chapter Two: Erebus Station
“The sound resonated throughout the entire Abyss, I’m sure. The clang of steel clicking into place, the doors closing, the giant locks coming together for eternity. I knew that we were now separated from the world above, trapped in the world’s abyss. The Warden has spoke to us today. He told us that we would be safe. That we would be safe forevermore. Never was such a more wrong statement uttered.”
-Journal of Prophet Koal Atmos Torkoal, dated two days after the Closing.
Some might say it was a decision made on foolish impulse--- a dream of utmost folly--- but Creon knew what he was doing when he forced himself into the old Marowak’s plan. He slowly paced around his tent, looking for any potential items he would need on the journey.
His choice to leave his position of power in the Ventus was something that he had thought about for a long while. There was the benef
 &  Transcending the Abyss Chapter 2 Part 2Continued from Previous Post
It was unlike anything Finn had ever seen before in his entire life, and he doubted that Creon, or even Silas had ever seen anything remotely close to whatever this thing was. The machine ran horizontal to the ground on a wide set of shiny metal tracks laid out over the ground while the front section of it was tipped with what looked like a massive metal plow, making the meager tool he had seen in the western forest villages a complete joke. This plow would demolish the entire village with a single pass.
The rest of the front seemed to be a large cylinder sitting on a set of grooved wheels that fit on the tracks beneath it. Two massive exhaust vents on the front gave the structure an almost demonic appeal as it dwarfed the Pokemon below.
Finn’s voice was struck down mid-gasp and his jaw had actually dropped as he tried to take in the entire vehicle. He didn’t even turn around when Silas and Sam finally ran up from behind, the prophet chas

Chapter Three: Off the Rails (Parts 1 & 2)
Transcending the Abyss Chapter 3 Part 1Chapter Three: Off the Rails</b>
WallS that move,
  Doors that crAsh,  
  Don’t trust the fire or the gas.
  Beware the marshes,
  aVoid the snow,
  Be wary of the rivErs that ebb and flow.
  See past the visions,
  Hear not the voice,
  To live or die is yoUr own choice.
  Seek not the treasures,
  Nor abysSal might,
  Stray not from the Path that Leads towards the light.
  The dragon’s roar is the sign of doom,
  FalsE promises lie inside his room,
  DeAth alwayS is in his wake,
  Preventing life and Escape...

Excerpt from the Scriptis de Incarceratus, the Ramblings of Prophet Isaiah Dusclops
Sam was the first to move, grabbing and shaking the prophet. “Silas! Tell it to go! Anywhere but here!” she exclaimed as the great laugh shook the walls and vanished without a further word.
She watched as Silas s
 &  Transcending the Abyss Chapter 3 Part 2Sam counted the seconds that Finn was gone, Thirty. Thirty-one. Thirty-two. She was not incredibly worried about the Fire-type, but she was still concerned about the possibility of him being caught in an explosion.  
After about two minutes, though, she braved a faceful of heat to try to poke her head into the cabin.  The resulting blast of air almost fried her eyeballs, and she reeled into the wall she had been hiding behind before. As she began to rub at her eyes, she was dimly aware of Silas sitting down next to her.
“It’s reached a point where I’d be unable to work in there. Finn’s our best option now. If any of us try and go inside, whoever did would probably combust.”
Sam opened her eyes wide, and began blinking as hard as she could. “Gah... Wait,” she said as her senses returned to her. “Do you have any berries on you? Specifically, Occa Berries?”
“I brought a number of damage-reducing berries. However,

Chapter Four: Beware the Marshes (Parts 1 & 2)

Transcending the Abyss Chapter 4 Part 1Chapter Four: Beware the Marshes
“Tiresias looked about the Abyss. His eyes beheld inmates held blind by the Tyrant. Unable to see, they could not follow him out, for they stumbled along the path. In anger, the Prophet yelled to the Abyss to let the captives see. The Ancient One shook with laughter and mockingly rattled its chains. But Tiresias did not despair. He went to each of the Thousand Wings and preached for the prisoners to see. Wherever his voice was heard, most fled his words, for they were unable to accept the truth and the light of the sun. Some, however, opened their eyes and cast away their chains to follow him. Those few became the Watchful.”
--Passage from Tiresias and the Gate of Sight
He heard the twisted metal floor snap, Sam’s surprised gasp before she disappeared entirely through the fissure, and the engine screeching in triumph as it snatched up another victim in its smo
 &  Transcending the Abyss Chapter 4 Part 2How he had remained alive through the wreck Finn had absolutely no idea. One second, he was floating in the middle of the air, the next, nearly cracking his skull on the wall. Once he had come to his senses, he was outside. Not knowing what else to do, he looked up. Huge, twisted boughs from a tree, each one weighed down with ancient, green moss that drooped towards the ground. Light from above gently filtered down from above. It was almost unreal to Finn.
“Is ... Is this Elysium?” he wondered aloud as he took a hesitant step forward. If he really was in the afterlife, he didn’t want to risk taking a bad step and falling back down to the Abyss as old folklore often warned was the fate of the foolish. Once he gazed beyond the protective shade of the aged tree, Finn stopped, his mouth slightly agape. This ... is Elysium?
If the legends he had heard in his old village were true, then the heaven had really let itself go. Instead of the pristine fields and sparkling

Chapter Five: Misdirection (Parts 1 & 2)
Transcending the Abyss Chapter Five: Misdirection
Chapter Five: Misdirection
“We will not let the history that plagued us on the Surface repeat down here. We shall make a new order to society. A society where we are the masters, not the slaves. It will be glorious. It will be revolutionary. And best of all, it will be bloodless ... In theory, that is.”
-- Cleopatra Persian, first Countess of Wing #435M, one week after the Closing.
He had never meant for it to go this far. He had told himself that he would stop after the last heist, but his instincts overrode his rational mind. The sudden monsoon was a sign from the Fates! There was no other possible reason for it. Dozens of shops, even more houses in the lower branches, all abandoned in the floodwaters, and stuffed to the brim with valuables.
Now, here he was: sentenced to sit here in this cell until she had settled on an exact time for execution. The figure sighed as he pressed his claws against the sturdy metal bars embedded in the wood of t
 &   TtA Chapter Five: Misdirection Part Two
Continued from Part One
“Grand theft of the statue of Countess Cleopatra Persian,” the soldier bellowed to the massive throng of citizens gathered around the stage.
My best work. Glad to know they haven’t forgotten. Dmitri couldn’t help but smile with pride while he recalled the giant marble statue.
The rope rubbed against his neck and made him incredibly uncomfortable. He would have gone to sleep earlier if he had known he would have had to sit through thirty minutes of his accumulated crimes. That wasn’t to say that the trip down memory lane wasn’t a bad one. He was certain that they’d never figure out how several thousand gold and silver coins vanished from inside the back room, or how he managed to abscond with their statue of their beloved first Countess.
He felt it now. The pang of regret somewhere inside him where he assumed he still had some sort of heart. Though, not because of guilt, but rather at the fact that his caree

Chapter Six:  Negotiations (Parts 1, 2, & 3)

Transcending the Abyss Chapter 6, Part 1
Chapter Six: Negotiations
“Escape is impossible. We’ve secured every possible exit and effectively rendered them useless. Failsafe protocols have been added to ensure any remaining “loopholes” in the system cannot be exploited. The Warden will be a prisoner in his own prison.”
-- World Abyss Initiative Project Report.
Flashes of light, voids of darkness, panic, screams. Sam had no idea how the citizens of this Wing usually celebrated hangings, but she was sure that letting prisoners escape and cause chaos in the crowd was not part of the ceremony. The Servine dragged her gaze away from the flickering market-place up to her companions on the balcony.
Finn had already backed away from the edge, trying to track the black blur of the Zoroark as he zipped through the houses and stores of the tree. Ince, however, was still firmly transfixed at the now-empty platform that used to house the gallows. To Sam, it looked as if her beak was stuck
 &   Transcending the Abyss Chapter 6, Part 2
The smell of ash was the first thing that came to her as she slowly regained consciousness. The second thing was a stabbing pain in between her eyes as she slowly tried to open them to try and ascertain her location.
Sam clutched her forehead and groaned, squinting her eyes shut, suddenly aware of how a dartboard felt. Even ignoring the all-consuming pain in her forehead, she seemed to have fallen asleep right next to a broken piece of wood. She was lucky she hadn’t rolled a few centimeters to the right in her sleep --otherwise, she’d have splinters down her front in the best-case scenario.
Come to think of it, where am I? She wondered as she tried to recall her surroundings.
Gah, pain. She slowly opened her eyes again, trying to move past the fact that the light seemed painful. After a few false starts, she managed to get a good look around.  She was... Inside the bar. And everything was charred.  
Um, what? Every single wood surface in the b
 &  Transcending the Abyss Chapter 6, Part 3
“Finn, we need light! Come on!” Silas’s gruff voice rang out through the rumbling darkness as the Quilava dashed on all fours up the wooden stairs. Finn gasped as he forced the flame patches on his back to ignite, the glowing spots creating a swift flash of light in the consuming darkness of Itre.
“Go up! Go up! Run! There’s hundreds of them down there!” Gordon’s panicked shout echoed from behind him in the rushing wind. Finn’s heart still pounded from the massive surge of adrenaline that still pulsed through his veins. The past five minutes had been nothing short of a living nightmare. Nothing he had seen before, not even the cruelties of the Ventus could prepare him for the sudden transformation of an orderly city to a realm on the lowest pit of Erebus.  
Finn twisted his head behind for an instant. Further down the flight of stairs cut into the massive trunk was a sight that made his stomach tie itself around in knots. Poké &

Chapter Seven: Cascade

Transcending the Abyss, Chapter 7
Chapter Seven: Cascade
“I’ve long pondered why we were entombed in this place. Prophets say that it is because of the Fates. Priests say it is for our sins. Scholars claim that it is a stage in our evolution.
Only the dreamers claim that this is not supposed to be. It will be the dreamers who save us .”

— Prophet Tiresias in the Towers of the Poets
Tremors rang throughout the darkened void. Time and space held little meaning here. They had rejected it, so therefore the twisted realm had invented its own mechanisms to sustain life. It was a living creature. That flexed and breathed with every beat of its shuddering heart. Gears and engines were its flesh. The unshakable steel, its bones. The worlds it encompassed, the blood that sustained its desperate cling to life.
For three eons, this balance of life, death, and ceaseless cycling remained undisturbed. Its prisoners toiled away in the vain hope of wearing away the omniscient prison that eng

Fan-Art (See TtA Folder in My Favorites For More)

 Escape the Abyss (Commission) by MyataTheCupcake&
Commission by Foxeaf &  Dmitri the Zoroark's 'Execution' by Chibi-Pika 

Enjoy, Everyone!~

FalloftheKnights signing off... 




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Hmm, would you like me to review PMD: Overthrown on Serebii? It was good the last time I read it, though I forgot a lot of the details. Could help space my time and give a break from my own Mystery Dungeon fan fic.
FalloftheKnights 6 hours ago  Student Writer
Oh? You're offering to review? Well sure! :D I'd love a review from you on there. If you feel up to it, then I'd be very appreciative if you left one there. 

And, again, just to note. The prologue and Chapter 1 have been revised and Chapter 16 severely shortened, but the rest of the story has not been altered much since the day it was posted. So, that means Chapter Two will see the same quality writing it did way back in 2012... ... Just making sure you know that. ^^;
I'll keep that in mind, but I have more interest in enjoying the work. Who knows, I'll likely learn something to add to my writing. . . and this writing stuff sure takes a lot of time, I find, but it eases my mind a lot.

I notice you mentioned revisions, and that's one question I have about writing. Should I write and re-write every chapter and then start posting, or post one of my chapters now and revise later? I'm going with the first choice, and hopefully I can get advice on improvements when that end comes.
FalloftheKnights 5 hours ago  Student Writer
Thanks. And I hope you do! It'd be great to know I 
helped someone's work. 

And it does. It truly does take a lot of time. But, like you
I find it makes me feel better and focus more. 

Well, the first choice works if you have someone or multiple people
who can read over the chapter and give you feedback on it before
you post it anywhere. I tend to use the second option, but only after
the chapter has received a thorough beta reading. 
Copper-LightSource 17 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
This is way overdue



Thanks so much for the watch! :iconcraiplz:

I need the support, it means a lot to know that awesome people look forward to my art and I hope to continue getting better and not to disappoint! <3 :iconletmehugyouplz:


Every time i see Someone watches me or faves my stuff it just gives me this warm feeling in my heart and pushes me to try harder because I just have that much more of a responsibility to hold ;w;


And also, I’ll apologize in advance; I can be slow to reply :c

But I usually do reply though.

FalloftheKnights 16 hours ago  Student Writer
Oh! You're very welcome! 

You're a great artist and great person, so it's a pleasure to watch you and your art as you continue to get better with your skills~ 

And, thanks for the reply. It's great to see deviants show their appreciation for watches and faves. 
PaintingEevee 6 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Well the first chapter is up but of course being a Deviant-newbie I forget to click the "Notify Watchers" button, I know *sigh*.  I just thought I should tell you if you haven't seen it already.
FalloftheKnights 6 days ago  Student Writer
Nope! Don't worry, I saw it! Haven't read it yet (Been busy writing O: SV this afternoon), but I will get to it soon. Don't worry, your watchers are automatically informed whenever you post something. :D
PaintingEevee Apr 11, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hey FalloftheKnights!  How have you been?  I am currently on chapter 4 of PMD:Overthrown and I love it!!  I really like the way you write from Leo's POV it makes me feel like I'm in the story.  (I pass out a lot! Hahaha!)
FalloftheKnights Apr 12, 2014  Student Writer
Hey there! I've been well! Can't really complain too much. 

You are? That's wonderful! I'm glad you're enjoying it! 

Oh yes, Leo is one of my favorites, naturally. xD And, I'm glad you can relate to him. 
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